Peak Wealth Management


Achieve your financial goals by partnering with a firm that works as hard as you.

Customer First Approach

We work hard to be your family’s most trusted advisor. Our approach is transparent. We work alongside our clients. We help you establish strong goals, identify your risk tolerance levels and make sure you understand each piece in the planning and investing process. Together, we develop an approach to reach those goals through sensible management of your assets. Success comes from careful planning, diligent execution and management combined with proactive adjustments as your situation or markets change. With greater than 15 years of experience each, we have helped thousands of clients, including several generations for a number of families. We value our relationships very highly. Your trust and respect are of utmost importance. We value your confidence. We also value our reputation. Our high fiduciary and ethical standards are central to the way we do business.

Financial Planning Approach

When it comes to financial planning and retirement planning, there’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution. Unlike the larger, more impersonal companies, we stand out as a local resource for our customers. We’ll work one on one with you to create a customized plan that will best fit your needs and specific situation. We take the time to focus on each client as an individual, providing personalized service where the large firms fall short. To learn more, click here.

Investment Approach

Peak Wealth Management is a fee-based advisory firm whose philosophy combines the time tested principles of modern portfolio theory with a dynamic and responsive tactical overlay that works to position our clients for long term results while still being cognizant of current market conditions and risks. We do this by predominantly utilizing low cost Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). We believe in working to keep the costs low to help achieve a greater return for our clients. Central to our investment approach is that we do not manufacture and sell our own financial products. We are unbiased and are not under pressure to push in-house proprietary products or solutions, instead we objectively construct portfolios from our clients’ perspective, searching for fair pricing and the potential to produce strong risk-adjusted returns. To learn more, click here.