November 1, 2016

Bringing it all together—Reaching the Peak

At PEAK, we have created a multi-layered and multi-faceted approach to managing your assets. We have embraced change in the financial services industry and will always strive to stay relevant and cutting-edge with our offering.

From the Bottom Up. Like any ascent, you have to go from the bottom up. At the outset, we prefer utilizing exchange traded funds (ETFs) as the building blocks of our portfolios in lieu of mutual funds or separately managed accounts (SMAs). ETFs tend to be lower cost, more transparent, more tax efficient and more liquid as it pertains to intraday pricing and tradability. We also favor investing in ETFs with a passive underlying investment approach. However, because there are investment genres that at certain times and under certain circumstances are less efficient, such as small caps and emerging markets, there may be occasions when we incorporate an active fund or two. That said, our direct experience coupled with countless studies shows that portfolios comprised of predominantly actively managed funds do not meet or exceed their benchmarks over time, and this pattern is something that guides our investment philosophy toward low cost and passively-managed investment vehicles.

Gaining Ground. As we move up into the portfolio level of your investment strategy, there is opportunity to add value through a more tactical approach. Certain asset classes, sub-asset classes, sectors and industries have a greater propensity to either outperform or underperform, depending on what stage of the broad economic cycle we are in. A tactical approach that shifts or tilts portfolios or their components helps us to better position for strong risk-adjusted returns. Additionally, opportunities present themselves predicated on unpredictable event-driven market, economic, geopolitical and monetary policy changes. We search for value in underpriced or dislocated investment genres, and opportunities to lock in profits in areas that have experienced strong momentum.

We pay such close attention at the portfolio level because the ability to identify and capitalize on current risks and opportunities strengthens a solid foundation built for long-term success. Our approach depicts an evolutionary process that is well beyond the era where a collection of 5-star mutual funds was considered sufficient. Our firm was founded on the premise that there’s a better way—and we are dedicated to delivering it to you.

Reaching Peak Performance. At PEAK, we’re not all talk. We know how to deliver on the promises we make with our tried and true investment management processes. It is through our combination of utilizing passive investment vehicles, coupled with a tactical overlay management style, that we deliver value over the long term for your investment portfolio. We also subscribe to multiple leading research and market data providers, which allows us to formulate consensus opinions and derive unique and actionable ideas for your portfolio.

The investment management process is much the same as the financial planning process. It is designed to get you from point A to point B in the most direct fashion, and requires a dynamic approach that responds to external factors that can affect the value of your portfolio. Our goal and fiduciary responsibility is to be a trusted steward of your wealth from day one, making decisions only in your best interests. We have blazed the trail and will help you reach peak performance.